Bookings FAQ

PetBacker works by matching your request for pet services to pet service providers based on their skills, location and availability. You can also request for pet services directly from your preferred pet service providers by browsing the pet service provider directory in the app and the web. 

Pet service providers who are interested will respond to your request in the app with their profile, reviews from previous customers, along with quotations and details of what is included. A messaging feature allows you to talk with the individual pet service provider for more details before deciding to hire. 

Always make payments for your booking through PetBacker. Here are a few benefits you enjoy when making payments through PetBacker:

Secure your booking. 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

Get up to $28 off* (or equivalent in your currency) on your 5th booking and more savings on your subsequent bookings.
*10% off your booking value

24/7 care and support as well as unlimited photo and activity updates.

Protection. Money will only be released to sitter after job complete.

  • Get Premium Protection Coverage
  • Get other backers in the event the sitter is not available at last minute. We will remove the sitter from our listing if this occurs too many times too.

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How does PetBacker work?


Please be aware that there is a $8 Same Day Booking Fee added to services that are scheduled 24 hours before the service is rendered.


Pet sitters might require proof of 3 shots:
Do not forget to bring proof of shots with you to the kennel when you come to drop off your dog or you may not be allowed to leave your dog with them! They prefer to see the computer printout from the vet listing dates shots were given and dates shots expire or reminders or due dates. Original proof must show the dates the shots are valid! Or the dates when they expire. Please bring originals, not faxes or copies; they do not keep your paperwork. You can also send it to the pet sitter via our app.

Some pet stiters will check your dog carefully upon arrival and dipped if they have any SIGNS of fleas. The pet sitter may charge you ranging from $20 to $40 for flea dipping depending on dog sizes.